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Megaspell, born Dusty Sweeps, was the daughter of Tumbleweed and Salt Water. She grew up with Equestria already at war.  She long held a passion for theater and the performing arts, but found her destiny was to clean when she got her cutie mark after quickly cleaning up the back stage after a performance...and setting the broom on fire.


She would drop out of school before graduating high school and move to Applewood. There she became a custodian for Warmer Mares Studio, under the head custodian Rubbish. True to his name, he was rubbish at his job, choosing to get drunk at work and pawn off his duties on to Dusty. She had so much to do she slowly began to ignore all evacuation drills, since it was easier to clean with everypony gone. This habit would bite her in the flank when the final day came.


It was an ordinary day at work, sometime mid-day the Sirens went off signaling what she thought was just another drill. Unfortunately it was the real deal...not like Dusty had the means to get a spot in a stable anyways.  By the time she realized something was off, it was the apocalypse and due to Warmer Mare’s proximity to where one of the megaspells hit, she had already absorbed a lethal amount of radiation and had become a ghoul.


To remind herself of her mistake of not taking the evacuation drills seriously, she renamed herself after the cause of her new condition, and became Megaspell. For the next 215 years she would maintain the studio to try to stay sane.


One day, a group of ponies would come to the studio. While running out to greet them, the alicorn would open fire on her with a minigun, nearly killing her. After she was healed (though the missing flesh never regrew) she made a deal with the leader, Comic “Action” Sans, to use the studio. Since by wasteland property rights, she owned it. If she let them use the studio, she’d get to be their mascot and live her acting dream. Thus founding Nuclear Horseman Studios.

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